Nextbase 322gw Problems and solutions

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, birds were chirping, and the roads were calling. I decided to go on a road trip with my friends, and what better way to capture the memories than with a Nextbase 322gw dashcam? Little did I know that my trusty dashcam would give me more trouble than my ex-boyfriend.

As we hit the road, my Nextbase 322gw started acting up, the screen flickered, and the audio went mute. I thought it was just a glitch, but it persisted throughout the trip. Whenever we captured a beautiful view or a funny moment, my dashcam failed.

But don’t walk the plank just yet! Let’s hoist the mainsail and dive into these problems together. Whether it’s a glitch in the matrix or a simple user error, we’ll get to the bottom of it. 

5 Commonly Faced Nextbase 322gw Problems

We have done extensive study and research on the issues reported by users of the 322gw dash cam. 

Although the Nextbase 322gw is one of the most popular dash cams in the market, users have reported a variety of problems such as battery issues, not holding a charge, and recording issues. 

Let’s take a closer look at the reported problems and provide potential solutions to help users get the most out of their Nextbase 322gw dash cam.

1. Battery issue

Users frequently encounter a common setback related to the battery when utilizing the Nextbase 322GW. The inherent problem lies in the battery’s inability to retain a charge, rendering the dashcam dysfunctional without a constant power supply. 

This predicament is often experienced by long-term users who have grown accustomed to the device.


Fortunately, the battery issue plaguing the Nextbase 322GW can be promptly rectified by procuring a replacement battery. Users are granted the option to acquire a fresh battery directly from Nextbase or a reputable third-party vendor. Exercising caution during this process is paramount to guarantee compatibility between the battery and the Nextbase 322GW, thus circumventing any potential complications.

The replacement procedure for the battery is straightforward, necessitating adherence to the instructions meticulously outlined in the user manual. 

To begin, users must delicately remove the back cover of the dashcam, employing a screwdriver to loosen the screws while being mindful of the device’s fragile components.

2. Not turning off

Users frequently express their dissatisfaction with the Nextbase 322gw, citing an incessant inability to power it off. This exasperating situation not only drains the device’s battery life but also gives rise to ancillary complications. Several potential factors contribute to the device’s obstinate refusal to turn off:

Software malfunctions: The Nextbase 322gw’s reluctance to power down often stems from software glitches. Irregular updates or inherent flaws within the software itself can trigger this issue.

Button dysfunction: Another plausible cause for the device’s unyielding nature lies in the power button itself. A jammed or damaged button can impede the normal shutdown process.


Should you find yourself grappling with this predicament involving your Nextbase 322gw, there are several troubleshooting methods worth exploring to rectify the matter:

Perform a device reset: A preliminary step to consider is executing a device reset. Simply hold down the power button for approximately 10 seconds, compelling the device to shut down and subsequently restart.

Update the software: If the problem persists, it is prudent to investigate whether a software update is available for your device. Connect the Nextbase 322gw to a computer and visit the official Nextbase website to ascertain the availability of any software updates.

Inspect the power button: If the issue pertains to the power button itself, it may necessitate repair or replacement. Reach out to Nextbase customer support for further guidance and assistance in resolving the matter.

3. Not recording

The issue known as “Not Recording” arises when the Nextbase 322gw dashcam fails to initiate recording despite being powered on and correctly connected. 

This vexing problem can stem from various sources, such as a corrupted memory card, a depleted battery, or a software malfunction.


To address the “Not Recording” predicament on your Nextbase 322gw dashcam, there are several solutions available, contingent upon the underlying cause:

1. Verify the memory card: Begin by scrutinizing the memory card to ensure proper insertion and freedom from corruption. If the memory card is found to be damaged, replace it with a new one. Additionally, confirm that the memory card is compatible with the dashcam.

2. Recharge the battery: Another potential cause of the “Not Recording” problem could be a drained battery. Fully charge the dashcam battery and attempt recording once again.

3. Update the firmware: If the aforementioned remedies prove ineffective, consider checking for any available firmware updates for your Nextbase 322gw dashcam. Updating the firmware to the latest version can rectify any software glitches that may be impeding recording functionality.

4. Video Quality

Some users have reported issues with the video quality, such as blurry or distorted footage. This can be a frustrating problem, as the purpose of a dashcam is to capture clear, high-quality video footage.


There are several steps that users can take to improve the video quality of their Nextbase 322gw dashcam. Here are a few tips:

1. Clean the Camera Lens: Dirty cameras can cause blurry or distorted video. Smudges, fingerprints, and other debris should be removed regularly from dashcam lenses with a soft cloth or microfiber towel.

2. Adjust Camera Settings: To improve video quality, you can adjust a variety of Nextbase 322gw settings. Users can experiment with different resolutions, frame rates, and exposure settings to find the best combination for their needs.

3. Ensure Adequate Lighting: Poor lighting conditions can also affect video quality. It is recommended that dashcam users avoid recording in areas with low light or glare, and consider using the night vision mode when necessary.

5. Mounting Issue

The mounting of this dashcam is one of the most common problems users encounter. The adhesive mount that comes with the device may not hold properly, causing the dash cam to fall off its position or move around during bumpy rides. This can lead to poor video quality and even damage to the device.


The solution to this problem is simple. Consider switching to a suction cup mount if you are having mounting issues with your 322gw dash cam. 

This mount uses a vacuum seal to attach to the windshield, which provides a stronger hold than the adhesive mount. A dash cam can also be adjusted more easily, allowing you to get the best view of the road.


Despite being a popular dashcam, the Nextbase 322gw also has some reported issues among drivers. Some of the problems reported include short battery life, recording, and occasionally video quality. 

It’s worth emphasizing that these challenges, although frustrating, are not exclusive to the Nextbase 322gw and can arise with any electronic device. It’s a common occurrence in the realm of technology.

However, users can find solace in the fact that we have presented effective solutions to address these issues. 

By implementing these suggestions, users can regain seamless functionality and fully appreciate the advantages offered by their Nextbase 322gw dashcam. Restoring a smooth user experience is within reach.

Ultimately, despite these occasional obstacles, the Nextbase 322gw remains a dependable and efficient dashcam, diligently serving its purpose of safeguarding drivers on the road.

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