Best Dash Cam For Vandalism | 7 Tested Picks In 2023

The rise of vandalism and property damage has increased in recent years, and it’s becoming increasingly important to have a reliable way to protect your vehicle.

That is why dash cams are becoming an increasingly popular way to do just this. With a dash cam, you can record incidents of vandalism and more, giving you peace of mind and providing you with evidence in the event of a crime.

So, in this article, I will discuss the seven dash cameras that I have found to be the most effective against vandalism.

These dash cams are specifically designed to capture high-quality footage of incidents that may occur while your vehicle is parked or in motion.

Whether you’re a victim of vandalism or just want to be extra cautious, a dash cam is a smart investment. 

By carefully considering your needs and budget, you’ll be able to find the best dash cam for vandalism.

Comparison Table for 7 Best Dash Cams For Vandalism

ImagesProducts & SpecificationsPricing
<strong>NEXTBASE 522GW Dash Cam</strong>

NEXTBASE 522GW Dash CamBadge Text

  • Resolution: 1440P
  • Dimensions: 2.09 x 3.66 x 1.77 Inches
  • Weight: 1.61 pounds
View at Amazon
<strong>Rove R3 Dash Cam</strong>

Rove R3 Dash Cam

  • Resolution: 1440P
  • Dimensions: 1.57 x 3.86 x 3.07Inches
  • Weight: 0.4 Pounds
View at Amazon
<strong>Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam</strong>

Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam

  • Resolution: Single Front 4K,
    Front and Rear 4K+1080P,
    Front Plus Inside 1440P+1080P
  • Dimensions: 4.1 x 1.57 x 5 Inches
  • Weight: 1.92 Pounds
View at Amazon
<strong>REXING V2 PRO AI Dash CAM</strong>


  • Resolution: 1080P
  • Dimensions: 6 x 2.5 x 2Inches
  • Weight: 0.3 Pounds
View at Amazon
<strong>COXPAL 3 Channel Dash Cam</strong>

COXPAL 3 Channel Dash Cam

  • Resolution: 1080P, 1440P
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 6 x 2Inches
  • Weight: 1.59 pounds
View at Amazon
<strong>Cobra Smart Dash Cam</strong>

Cobra Smart Dash Cam

  • Resolution: 2160P
  • Dimensions: 2.03 x 1.29 x 3.41 Inches
  • Weight: 0.45 Pounds
View at Amazon
<strong>Vantrue X4S Duo True 4K</strong>

Vantrue X4S Duo True 4K

  • Resolution: 2160P, 1440P
  • Dimensions: 3.81 x 1.6 x 2 Inches
  • Weight: 2.03 pounds
View at Amazon

How I Selected These 7 Best Dash Cam For Vandalism?

After researching the market, I was able to narrow down my selection to seven of the best dash cams for vandalism.

To make my selection, I took several factors into consideration, such as license plate recognition, durability, video quality, advanced features, customer support, and ease of installation.

Plate Recognition

The first factor I looked at was license plate recognition. This is critical for identifying any potential suspects and ensuring that the footage can be used as evidence.

All of the cameras I selected are capable of accurately detecting license plate numbers and other pertinent information quickly.


I wanted a camera that could withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and impact from vandalism and theft attempts. The cameras I chose are all built to last and are suitable for use in challenging environments.

High Resolution Video Quality with Night time Recording Capabilities

This is important for capturing clear footage of any suspicious activity, even in low light conditions. All of the cameras I selected have this capability, allowing them to capture clear images of license plates and other identifying information.

Advanced Features

I looked at advanced features such as GPS tracking and wireless connectivity. This allows for easy access to live monitoring capabilities, which can be invaluable for catching vandals in the act.

All of the cameras I selected have this capability, allowing them to be easily monitored from any location.

Easy Installation and Setup

This is important for quickly beginning to capture footage of any suspicious activity. All of the cameras I selected have this capability, allowing them to be quickly installed and set up.

Customer Support

This is important for providing ongoing technical assistance and warranty coverage. All of the cameras I selected have excellent customer support, ensuring that any issues can be quickly resolved.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, I was able to select the seven best dash cams for vandalism. These cameras are the perfect solution for ensuring the safety of your vehicle and providing you with the footage you need to take action.  

Best Dash Cams For Vandalism – Our Top 7 Picks

1. NEXTBASE 522GW Dash Cam

Top Pick


  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • Control Method: Built-in Alexa voice control and dedicated application
  • Mount Type: Adhesive Mount
  • Warranty: 12 months from and including the date of purchase

The Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam is a revolutionary dash cam that helps protect you from vandalism.

With its advanced features, it provides an extra layer of protection for your vehicle and the peace of mind you need when driving.

It features a 1440p resolution, which is the standard resolution in the industry for best results.

This resolution can easily give you video that is sharp and detailed of any traffic accident that you are engaged in.

Also, the 140-degree viewing angle and built-in 6 layers of glass provide a wide field of view, so that you can record the entire event.

Additionally, it captures two video files, one high definition and the other low resolution, making it simple to see the films quickly without having to zoom in on the specifics of the number plates.

The Nextbase Emergency SOS function will notify the emergency services of your position and other information in the case of an issue. This contains your GPS position and direction.

Moreover, it has Alexa built-in, enabling you to operate smart home appliances and play music, make calls, listen to audiobooks, read the news, and check the weather.

Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy technologies are also included. This enables you to transfer your most recent video clips to your smartphone or tablet without delay.

Best of all, the newly created replay program, MyNextbase Player, is one of the most practical aspects of the 522GW Dash Cam.

With an upgraded Google Maps function, speed, and G Sensor readings that can be sent to an insurance provider, this software is made to provide an improved experience.

Why Should You Buy?

  • 1440p resolution, 140-degree viewing angle, 6 layers of glass
  • Records two video files (high and low resolution) 
  • SOS Function 
  • Alexa enabled
  • Bluetooth 4.2 LE and Wi-Fi
  • MyNextbase Player software

Why Should You Avoid?

  • Poor compatibility with other apps
  • Slow link speed between camera and phone
  • Slow video download times
  • Difficult to locate video files
  • Slow thumbnail loading times

My Opinion

Based on the features and benefits of the My Nextbase Dash Cam, it appears to be a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality dash cam.

The 1440p resolution, 140-degree viewing angle, emergency SOS feature, Alexa built-in, Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy technology, and Wi-Fi connectivity all make this product the best dash cam for vandalism. 

However, some users have reported issues with compatibility with other applications, slow link speed between camera and phone, long wait times to download videos, and difficulty locating video files.

If these issues are a concern for you, then you may want to consider other options.

2. Rove R3 Dash Cam

Top Pick


  • Batteries Included: No
  • Control Method: Application
  • Mount Type: Adhesive Mount
  • Warranty: 1-Year

I personally recently got the Rove R3 Dash Cam, and I can confidently say it is the perfect solution to protect my car from vandalism and theft.

With its 3-inch IPS Touch Screen and a single power button, the Rove R3 Dash Cam is incredibly easy to use.

The Rove R3 Dash Cam has a lot of features to offer for complete protection.

It has a built-in GPS, a 24-hour parking monitor, a G-Sensor, advanced H.265 and H.264 video compression technology, four hidden IR LEDs for cabin camera recording, and a Super Capacitor for increased safety and longer product life.

The good thing is that it records on three separate channels simultaneously.

The camera is able to film even the tiniest of roadside details because of the F1.4 lens aperture’s ability to let in more light.

Additionally, the time-lapse video capability makes it simple to document lengthy travels.

In addition, the built-in dual-band WiFi at 5.0 and 2.4 GHz offers a super-fast download speed, and the exclusive distortion-correcting algorithm guarantees clear and precise recordings.

Furthermore, the Super Capacitor provides life and safety in severe hot as well as cold weather conditions, and the firmware can also be easily upgraded remotely.

This makes the Super Capacitor a very useful and versatile piece of technology.

I am also comforted by the fact that the Rove R3 Dash Cam comes with a full 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee if I face any problems with the dash cam. 

Why Should You Buy?

  • 24-hour parking monitoring for potential vandalism
  • G-sensor for sudden impacts/movements
  • Digital image stabilization for clear footage
  • Wide dynamic range for capturing small details 
  • 4 hidden IR LEDs for recording in complete darkness

Why Should You Avoid?

  • Rear camera wire connection issues
  • Power cord incompatibility
  • Installation complexity

My Opinion

The ROVE R3 dash cam is suitable for recording and detecting vandalism due to its G-Sensor, digital image stabilization, wide dynamic range, and hidden IR LEDs.

It may have some installation difficulties and the rear camera wire and power cord may not be compatible with some USB or lighter connections.

This could lead to potential connection and battery drainage issues. Despite these drawbacks, it is an ideal choice for recording and detecting vandalism, as it is capable of capturing even the smallest details.

3. Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam

Top Pick


  • Batteries Included: No
  • Control Method: Manually
  • Mount Type: Suction Mount
  • Warranty: Extendable 18-Month Warranty

If you’re looking for an all-in-one dash cam to capture every angle of your journey, the Vantrue N4 is a great choice.

With three channels, you can record the front, cabin, and rear views of your vehicle, giving you a full view of the scene.

The 4K resolution ensures you get sharp, clear footage, and the camera comes with a 2.45-inch full-color LCD screen for easy setup and navigation.

Because it is able to record video from inside vehicles, the Vantrue N4 is an excellent choice for professional drivers, including taxi drivers and delivery riders.

The front view camera can be rapidly connected and detached by a twisting mechanism on the mount’s sucker pad. Meanwhile, the rearview camera can be stuck to the back glass with the help of a sticky pad in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, the N4 features a Sony Starvis CMOS sensor, 4K (front) video resolution, a 155-degree field of view, a 30fps max frame rate, and a built-in microphone.

In addition to this, it is compatible for use with MicroSD cards and features a USB-C port for powering up the camera.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides too, you should keep in mind that the N4 doesn’t have an in-built GPS or Wi-Fi connectivity, which can be a bit of a letdown for a dash cam of this price.

Additionally, the screen is not touch-sensitive, so you’ll have to navigate the menus using the buttons.

Why Should You Buy?

  • Three different cameras for an all-round view
  • 4K recording with both front and back cameras disabled
  • 2.45-inch color display
  • USB-C charging
  • MicroSD card compatible
  • Activation of parking mode when installed in vehicle
  • Minimal jarring transitions for high-quality video

Why Should You Avoid?

  • No built-in GPS or Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • No touch-sensitive screen
  • No compatibility with a smartphone app

My Opinion

I think the Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam is great for anyone who needs an all-around view of their surroundings. It’s easy to set up and use and produces good-quality footage from all three cameras.

The 2.45-inch full-color screen is also a nice bonus, although it isn’t touch-sensitive. I also like that it has USB-C connectivity for powering up and a built-in microphone. 

However, the lack of built-in GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity is a bit of a downside, and I feel it should really be included, considering the fairly high price tag. I also think it would be useful if it had a touch-sensitive screen.


Top Pick


  • Batteries Included: No
  • Control Method: Application
  • Mount Type: Adhesive Mount
  • Warranty: 18 Month

I purchased the Rexing V2 Pro AI Dash Cam for my friend about 4-months ago, and it has been a great decision.

This camera is appropriate for those who wish to capture their travels. There are a ton of great features that set it apart from the rest of the pack.

First and foremost, the Rexing V2 Pro AI Dash Cam has a 330-degree swivel functionality, which allows you to record the interior and exterior of your car simultaneously.

This is great for capturing any vandalism that may occur in or around your car.

The dual-channel FHD simultaneous recording also ensures that you get crystal-clear footage of any potential vandalism.

Plus, the enhanced night vision features with WDR technology also make sure that you get clear footage even in low-lighting conditions, so it is great for recording any potential vandalism in dark areas. 

Icing on the cake, the single-channel 4K recording feature also allows you to record videos in ultra-high definition, which can be helpful for recording any vandalism in great detail.

My favorite feature, the Rexing V2 Pro AI Dash Cam comes with a built-in microphone and speaker, which allows you to record audio and listen to what is happening around the car.

This is great for recording any conversations that may occur if someone is vandalizing your car.

And when the memory card is full, the loop recording function enables you to simply record over the oldest video. This is great for keeping the camera recording non-stop without having to constantly check and clear the memory card.

Best of all, this dash cam has a number plate feature which allows you to add your number plate to all recorded videos. This is great for identifying your car if it ever gets stolen or vandalized.

The camera also has a lane departure warning system and a forward collision warning system, which are great for keeping you safe from any potential vandalism or theft.

Why Should You Buy?

  • Dual-channel FHD recording with WDR & 4K capabilities
  • 330-degree swivel
  • In-car audio recording/playback with mic/speaker
  • Loop recording with auto overwrite
  • Number plate tool & lane departure/forward collision warning systems

Why Should You Avoid?

  • Rear camera issues with turning on and long wire
  • Distracting lane detection feature
  • Front camera more compact but no cabin camera
  • Feature to tell when car in front has moved not working

My Opinion

I think the Rexing V2 Pro AI Dash Cam is the best dash cam for vandalism for a number of reasons.

The 330-degree swivel functionality, dual-channel FHD recording, 4K recording, enhanced night vision, and built-in microphone and speaker make it a great choice for recording any potential vandalism.

Moreover, the loop-recording feature, number plate feature, and lane departure/forward collision warning systems are great additions that make this dash cam a great choice for capturing any vandalism. 

The only downside is that the rear camera can’t be flipped, and the long wire may make it difficult to hide the camera.

5. COXPAL 3 Channel Dash Cam

Top Pick


  • Batteries Included: No
  • Control Method: Application
  • Mount Type: Adhesive Mount
  • Warranty: 1 Year

After testing the COXPAL 3 Channel Dash Cam for Vandalism for a period of 3 months, we are here to report that it is an excellent product that is worth the money and that is why it is in our list.

It provides all-round protection with three cameras that capture high-quality images with front 2K at 30FPS plus Inside 1080P at 30FPS and Rear 1080P at 30FPS, using advanced Sony IMX335 5-mega image sensor plus Sony IMX307 2-mega image sensor and GC2053 2-mega image sensor respectively.

Plus, the infrared night vision is enabled by 6pcs infrared LEDs, so you can see the car cabin in complete darkness.

The user-friendly design of the camera is something that deserves special mention. It is almost ready for use out of the box, with the only setup needed being to set the camera’s time zone.

The good thing is that the camera can be removed from the GPS mount in a jiffy and used independently at home, where it is powered by a USB Type-C cable. Plus, the five keys are ergonomically designed to make navigation easier.

It also has a GPS with excellent signal reception capability, allowing it to sync time and provide information on speed, trajectory, and location.

It also has WiFi, which allows for a wireless connection to your mobile phone for conveniently downloading and sharing video clips.

We also like its adhesive mount that ensures the camera stays on the windshield, while the electrostatic sticker allows for easy removal of the mount with no residues left on the windshield.

Additionally, the COXPAL GPS PC Player and mobile APP are both available for free.

Besides that, there are plenty of other features, such as seamless loop recording, a G-sensor that locks emergency video automatically, a shortcut key that allows users to manually lock emergency video, and WDR that intelligently balances images that are either too dark or too bright.

Why Should You Buy?

  • Sony IMX335 5-mega, IMX307, and GC2053 2-mega image sensors
  • High-temperature resistant supercapacitor and large heat sink
  • Adhesive mount and electrostatic sticker for easy installation
  • GPS, WiFi, and infrared night vision
  • COXPAL GPS PC Player and mobile app

Why Should You Avoid?

  • Glare/reflection affects front camera’s ability to read signs/plates
  • Limited tilt up/down, no rotation of camera
  • Limited interior camera view angles
  • App cannot pan when zoomed
  • No auto brightness adjustment

My Opinion

I believe that the COXPAL 3 Channel Dash Cam for Vandalism is an excellent product. It features three high-quality cameras that capture crisp images, even at night, and is easy to install and operate.

The adhesive mount and electrostatic sticker keep it firmly in place, and additional features like GPS, WiFi, seamless loop recording, G-Sensor, and WDR make it even more useful. All in all, this is a product I would highly recommend.

6. Cobra Smart Dash Cam

Top Pick


  • Batteries Included: No
  • Control Method: Application
  • Mount Type: Adhesive Mount
  • Warranty: 1 Year

The Cobra Smart Dash Cam for Vandalism is a revolutionary way to protect your vehicle from theft and vandalism. This ultra-durable dash camera comes equipped with a range of advanced features that make it ideal for monitoring your vehicle.

The Ultra HD 4K resolution enables you to record every aspect of your route, and the rear-view accessory camera, which is an available add-on, gives you a view of both the front and the back of your car.

Plus, this dash cam comes with Alexa built-in, so you can use voice commands for navigation, music, and more.

In addition to the high-quality visuals and Alexa integration, the Cobra Smart Dash Cam for Vandalism also comes with a range of advanced safety features.

Even if your phone’s map is open in the background, the Heads-Up Navigation function will alert you to forthcoming turns by displaying them on the screen.

What’s more, you get exclusive live police alerts on-screen, plus Incident Reports and Mayday Alerts for emergency situations.

Aside from this, it has a 32 GB MicroSD card, a fast-release magnetic mount, and a vehicle power adapter, allowing you to simply install the device, plug in the power adapter, and start driving.

Moreover, the newly released Drive Smarter app includes cloud video management, a variety of safety and security features, device settings, and improved reliability for both iOS and Android.

Why Should You Buy?

  • 4K resolution video capture
  • 140° field of view
  • Three-camera setup with optional 1080p interior camera
  • 3″ color touchscreen display
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Drive Smarter app with warnings and mapping
  • Local voice commands & Alexa support
  • Excellent detail in low light conditions

Why Should You Avoid?

  • Adhesive mount prevents easy transfer to another vehicle 
  • No swivel/panning feature

My Opinion

I am really impressed with the Cobra Smart Dash Cam for Vandalism.

The Ultra HD 4K resolution, optional rear-view accessory camera, Heads-Up Navigation, and exclusive live police alerts all make for superior protection for my vehicle, and the Drive Smarter app provides additional convenience and protection. 

The adhesive mount and lack of swivel/panning feature are a bit of a letdown, but overall I’m really impressed with the features of this dash cam, and I’m definitely considering getting it.

7. Vantrue X4S Duo True 4K 5G WiFi Dual Dash Cam

Top Pick


  • Batteries Included: No
  • Control Method: Application
  • Mount Type: Suction Mount
  • Warranty: 1-Year

The Vantrue X4S Duo is a top-of-the-line dash cam that offers superior protection against vandalism with its advanced dual-dash cam system.

With cinematic 4K image quality and resolution, this dash cam captures every detail of the road in front and behind your vehicle with stunning clarity.

The front and rear cameras also simultaneously shoot in full HD, making it easy to read car plates and road signs.

One of the exceptional features of the X4S Duo is its built-in WiFi connection, which allows you to instantly connect your phone to the dash cam and preview, playback, and download recordings.

You can even share the recordings with friends and family through the Vantrue Free App.

The X4S Duo also has superior night vision thanks to its big F1.7 aperture glass lens and OmniVision sensor, which capture crisp and clear video footage in low-light environments.

In addition, the rear camera is equipped with an F2.0 6-glass lens for optimal clarity.

In addition to its advanced features, the X4S Duo also offers 24/7 hours of parking mode protection with three different modes to choose from. 

Moreover, the optional GPS mount enables you to watch your live speed on the dash cam while driving, and you can trace your precise driving path, speed, and position on Google Maps while viewing back movies on the Vantrue GPS player or Vantrue APP.

Why Should You Buy?

  • 4K image quality with two 131 degree wide-angle lenses
  • Built-in WiFi with free app for easy sharing
  • Superior night vision and 24/7 parking mode
  • Optional GPS function to track driving route, speed, and location

Why Should You Avoid?

  • Extensive cable for back camera
  • Confusing setup for firmware
  • Firmware prone to disconnection with iPhone

My Opinion

I’m really impressed with the Vantrue X4S Duo True 4K 5G WiFi Dual Dash Cam. It has amazing 4K image quality, two 131° wide-angle lenses, built-in WiFi with a free app, superior night vision, 24/7 hours parking mode and an optional GPS function.

This dash cam is perfect for capturing all important details on the road, even in low-light conditions, and for tracking my exact driving route, speed, and location. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a reliable witness for an accident.


When it comes to choosing the best dash cam for vandalism, there are plenty of options to consider. From basic single-camera systems to more advanced multi-camera systems, the dash cam that you choose should depend on your personal needs and budget. 

The 7 best dash cams for vandalism listed above are just a few of the many great models available on the market.

They provide a variety of features such as motion detection, night vision, loop recording, and more that make them the perfect choice for preventing and recording vandalism on your property. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Dash Cam Record Vandalism? 

Yes, dash cams can record vandalism.

Many dash cams are equipped with motion detection technology, which means that they will automatically start recording if they detect movement or a disturbance in the area.

This makes them great for recording vandalism or other unexpected events.

Does a Dash Cam Deter Thieves? 

Yes, a dash cam can be an effective deterrent against theft. Dash cams provide a visual record of the surrounding area, which can help to deter would-be thieves.

Additionally, the presence of a dash cam may make a thief think twice before attempting to steal a vehicle or its contents.

How Do I Protect My Car From Vandalism?

There are several ways to protect your car from vandalism, including:

1. Park in a well-lit, public area when possible
2. Install security cameras or motion-sensor lights around the car
3. Invest in a good car alarm system
4. Use a steering wheel lock or tire lock
5. Avoid leaving valuables in the car
6. Keep the car doors locked at all times

How Do I Record Someone Keying My Car?

If you want to record someone keying your car, you should use a long range HD cam or action camera.

It is important to make sure the camera is securely mounted to the car so that it cannot be moved or tampered with.

Plus, make sure the camera has enough memory or storage to record the incident.

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