Best Dash Cams For Jeep Gladiator

Hey Jeep Gladiator owner! If you are reading this, chances are you’re on the hunt for the most reliable dash cam for your rugged ride. And let’s be real, with all the craziness that can happen on the road, having a reliable dash cam is crucial.

Maybe you’re worried about getting into an accident and having to prove it wasn’t your fault. Or perhaps you’re concerned about vandalism or theft when you park your Gladiator in a public area. Whatever the case may be, a dash cam can give you peace of mind and protect your investment.

But not all are created equal. You need one that can handle the rough and tumble of off-roading and that can capture clear footage no matter the lighting conditions. You also want a dash cam that’s easy to install and won’t clutter up your dashboard.

Comparison Table for Jeep Gladiator Dash Cams

ImagesProducts & SpecificationsPricing
<strong>THINKWARE U1000 Dual Dash Cam</strong>

THINKWARE U1000 Dual Dash Cam

  • Resolution: 4K at 30fps or 2K at 60fps
  • Mount Type: Adhesive Mount
  • Control Method: App
  • Screen Size: 2.4 inch
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<strong>VIOFO A229 Duo Dash Cam</strong>

VIOFO A229 Duo Dash Cam

  • Resolution:  2K at 30fps
  • Mount Type: Adhesive Mount
  • Control Method: App
  • Screen Size: 2.4 inch
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<strong>Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam</strong>

Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam

  • Resolution: 1080p at 60fps
  • Mount Type: Magnetic Mount
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Screen Size: 2.5 Inch
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<strong>Vantrue N2S 4K Dash Cam</strong>

Vantrue N2S 4K Dash Cam

  • Resolution: 4k
  • Mount Type: Suction Mount
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Screen Size: 2-inch LCD
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<strong>Garmin 66W Dash Cam</strong>

Garmin 66W Dash Cam

  • Resolution: 1440p
  • Mount Type: Magnetic Mount
  • Control Method: Voice
  • Screen Size: 2 Inch
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Best Dash Cams For Jeep Gladiator – Top 5 Picks

We’ve done the heavy lifting and found the suitable ones for you. They’re equipped with 1080p resolution, a built-in G-Sensor, and night vision capabilities, giving you the ultimate coverage while cruising on the open road.

1. THINKWARE U1000 Dual Dash Cam

Top Pick

Key Features

  • Resolution: 4K at 30fps or 2K at 60fps
  • Mount Type: Adhesive Mount
  • Control Method: App
  • Screen Size: 2.4 inch
  • Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi and Thinkware Cloud for phone access

To begin with, THINKWARE has a 4K UHD video resolution that captures every detail of the road ahead. As a result, you’ll be able to see license plate numbers, street signs, and other details that might be useful in case of an accident. 

The 150-degree viewing angle guarantees that nothing escapes your notice, giving you peace of mind when driving your Jeep Gladiator.

Moreover, the THINKWARE U1000 comes with a GPS antenna that provides accurate location data, speed, and time information, making it easier to track your route and analyze your driving habits. 

This feature is particularly useful if you’re a Jeep Gladiator owner who likes to go off-road, as it allows you to keep track of your path in areas where there may not be a clear road or trail.

The dashcam also has advanced safety warnings that help you avoid accidents and stay alert. It comes equipped with lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and safety camera alerts, among others. 

These alerts are particularly useful for Jeep Gladiator owners, as they provide an extra layer of safety while driving on rugged terrain or in challenging weather conditions.

Even in low-light conditions, the U1000’s Super Night Vision 2.0 feature delivers high-quality video. It is particularly useful for Jeep Gladiator owners who enjoy driving late at night or early in the morning when visibility is limited. Regardless of the lighting conditions, your U1000s will capture clear footage.

The U1000 is easy to install and use, and comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to customize settings and view footage with ease

You can download and share videos using the built-in Wi-Fi and Thinkware Cloud, and the device is also compatible with a range of accessories, such as a rearview camera and external GPS antenna.

Why Should You Buy?

  • Sleek and thin design that fits well on the windshield and is not distracting
  • Parking mode allows for monitoring when the jeep is parked
  • Compatible with multiple devices and operating systems
  • Thinkware Cloud allows for easy access to footage

Why Should You Avoid?

  • Requires to hardwire connection for parking mode

2. VIOFO A229 Duo Dash Cam

Top Pick

Key Features

  • Resolution: 2K at 30fps
  • Mount Type: Adhesive Mount
  • Control Method: App
  • Screen Size: 2.4 inch
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi

With its dual cameras, the VIOFO A229 is quite impressive. The front-facing camera records in stunning 4K UHD resolution, capturing every single detail of the road ahead with incredible clarity. 

Meanwhile, the rear-facing camera records in 1080P full HD resolution, providing a comprehensive view of the back of the vehicle. Together, these cameras provide complete coverage of the surroundings, making it easier for the driver to navigate through even the most challenging driving conditions.

This has built-in Wi-Fi. For reviewing and sharing footage, drivers can easily transfer footage to a smartphone or tablet. It also allows for remote control of the dash cam, making it easy to adjust settings or view live footage on the go.

A dashcam’s ability to capture footage in low-light conditions is one of its most useful advantages. 

Due to its advanced Sony STARVIS sensors, the VIOFO A229 excels in this area. The sensors capture clear footage even in the darkest conditions, so it’s easy to see what’s ahead.

It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, and the intuitive menu system makes it easy to adjust settings and navigate through footage. 

When the memory card is full, the camera will automatically overwrite old footage, ensuring the camera is always recording.

Why Should You Buy?

  • Dual Parts charger included
  • The rear camera has decent performance and image quality
  • No battery, making it suitable for hot climates
  • Adjustability for a perfect fit to your car

Why Should You Avoid?

  • No touch screen, which may not be suitable for some users

3. Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam

Top Pick

Key Features

  • Resolution: 1080p/60fps
  • Mount Type: Magnetic Mount
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Screen Size: 2.5 Inch
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Buckle up, Gladiator owners, You’re about to experience a whole new level of driving with the Nextbase 322GW.

From the tiniest pebble on the road to the grandest landscapes off-road, you’ll be able to relive every exhilarating moment in stunning clarity. Whether you’re cruising through the city or tackling rugged terrain, this baby has got you covered.

But the Nextbase 322GW is more than just a high-quality video camera. It’s also packed with advanced safety features that will help keep you and your passengers safe on the road. For example, its built-in GPS module allows you to track your location and speed, which can be incredibly helpful in the event of an accident. 

Moreover, its emergency SOS feature automatically alerts emergency services in the event of a collision, ensuring that help will arrive as quickly as possible.

It also offers Alexa compatibility. With this integration, you can use your voice to control your dash cam, making it incredibly easy to use while driving. 

You can also use Alexa to access a variety of helpful features, such as navigation and music playback, all while keeping your hands safely on the wheel.

Of course, the Nextbase 322GW is also designed with ease of use in mind. Its intuitive user interface makes it incredibly easy to configure and customize to your liking, while its compact and sleek design ensures that it won’t take up too much space on your windshield.

Why Should You Buy?

  • Easy to install with magnetic mount
  • Ability to view footage through an app or directly from the dashcam
  • The emergency SOS feature provides added safety in case of an accident or emergency
  • Wide viewing angle

Why Should You Avoid?

  • Limited port options

4. Vantrue N2S 4K Dash Cam

Top Pick

Key Features

  • Resolution: 4K
  • Mount Type: Suction Mount
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Screen Size: 2-inch LCD
  • Connectivity: USB

If you are in search of a dash cam that not only captures high-quality footage but also has a sleek and discreet design, then the Vantrue N2S 4K is the right choice for you. 

It is specifically designed to meet the needs of Jeep Gladiator drivers, making it the most appropriate device for this vehicle.

The Vantrue N2S 4K has a range of advanced features that are sure to impress even the most demanding of users. With its UHD 4K resolution, the camera is capable of capturing crystal-clear footage in both bright sunlight and low-light conditions. 

Whenever an incident occurs on the road, you always have a clear and accurate record of it.

In addition to its impressive video capabilities, it also features several other advanced functions that make it the most appropriate tool for Jeep Gladiator drivers. 

An integrated G-sensor allows the camera to detect sudden movements or impacts and save the footage so it does not overwrite itself.

Furthermore, the device comes equipped with a parking mode that can be activated when the vehicle is parked, providing continuous surveillance and capturing any potential incidents that may occur.

With its discreet design, the Vantrue N2S 4K distinguishes itself from the crowd. The camera is small and unobtrusive, ensuring that it does not obstruct your view while driving. 

You can easily install and remove the device from your Jeep Gladiator, making it a hassle-free addition.

Why Should You Buy?

  • Two cameras for dual recording
  • Supercapacitor allows for better temperature endurance
  • Type C to USB charger included
  • Automatic start-up and loop recording with incident detection and file locking

Why Should You Avoid?

  • The inside camera resolution is lower than the front camera

5. Garmin 66W Dash Cam

Top Pick

Key Features

  • Resolution: 1440p
  • Mount Type: Magnetic Mount
  • Control Method: Voice
  • Screen Size: 2 inch
  • Connectivity: USB

Are you ready to take your off-roading adventures in your Jeep Gladiator to the next level? Well, hold on tight, and let’s start with the basics: the Garmin 66W is here to revolutionize the way you capture your journeys.

With its impressive 180-degree field of view, you’ll never miss a moment on the road. From scenic views to unexpected obstacles, the Garmin 66W has got your back.

Moreover, It also offers a resolution of 1440p, providing clear and detailed footage that will be essential in the event of an accident or other incident on the road.

Despite its simplicity, the cam offers some features that will enhance your driving experience.

For starters, it comes equipped with a built-in GPS, which will track your location, speed, and direction of travel. This information can be incredibly valuable in the event of an accident, as it will help establish exactly what happened and who was at fault.

Moreover, the GPS  can provide you with alerts when you’re approaching speed cameras or red light cameras, helping you avoid costly tickets and fines.

Using the Garmin Drive app, you can also connect the Garmin 66W  to your smartphone. This app allows you to view footage from your dash cam on your phone, as well as control the camera settings and access a host of other features. 

You can even use the app to download and share your footage, making it easy to show off your off-roading adventures with friends and family.

So why is the Garmin 66W the best choice for Jeep Gladiator owners? Well, aside from its impressive list of features, it’s also built to withstand the rigors of off-roading. 

The camera is housed in a durable casing that can handle rough terrain and extreme temperatures, and it’s also resistant to dust and water. So you don’t have to worry about damaging your Jeep Gladiator dash cam even on the toughest trails.

Why Should You Buy?

  • A compact and subtle design that can be hidden neatly behind most rear view mirrors
  • Includes voice control functionality
  • Alerts you about nearby speed cameras and red light cameras
  • Includes a range of useful driver assistance features

Why Should You Avoid?

  • The parking mode requires an additional hard-wiring kit

How to Install Dash Cam in Jeep Gladiator? Step By Step Guide

Step 1 – Remove The Dash Cam From The Car And Prepare The Hardwire Kit

To prepare the hardwire kit, the dash cam needs to be removed from the car. Hardwire kits typically include a USB cable with a fuse or transmitter, a ground wire, and a cord for picking up the fuse tap. 

Check the fuse box of the car for a fuse that is only active when the car is on, such as the cigarette lighter fuse. The ground wire is connected to the car’s factory ground by loosening a nut and sliding the ground wire under it.

Step 2 – Connect The Long Usb Cable To The Fuse Or Transmitter Provided In The Kit

The long USB cable provided in the kit is connected to either a fuse or a transmitter to provide power to the dashcam. By doing this, you ensure that the camera only receives power when the car is running. 

Usually, the fuse is selected based on the user’s preferences and connected to the car’s fuse box. This step is critical in hardwiring a dashcam, as it eliminates the need for a USB port or cigarette lighter to provide power to the camera.

Step 3 – Use The Ground Wire Provided To Connect To The Factory Ground

A ground wire is required to ground the dash cam and complete the electrical circuit. The ground wire provided should be connected to the factory ground, which is a designated point in the vehicle’s electrical system that serves as the reference point for all electrical currents. 

Moreover, the ground wire will ensure that the dash cam receives a stable electrical signal and operates properly. 

The installation process typically involves loosening a nut or bolt on the factory ground point, sliding the ground wire onto it, and then tightening the nut or bolt to secure the connection.

Step 4 –  Identify The Fuse Tap That Will Connect The Dash Cam To The Car’s Power Source And Insert It Into The Fuse Box

The fuse tap is a device used to connect the dash cam to the jeep’s power source through the fuse box. It works by tapping into an existing fuse slot and adding a new circuit, allowing it to draw power only when the car is on. 

The correct fuse slot is identified and selected to ensure that the dash cam receives power from a safe and suitable source. It helps prevent the need for messy wiring or the use of external power sources.

Step 5 – Start The Car To Check If The Dash Cam Powers Up

Starting the car to check if the dash cam powers up is a simple technical process that involves turning on the car’s ignition, which supplies power to the car’s electrical system, including the fuse that powers the dash cam. 

If the hardwiring installation was successful, it should power up and start recording once the car is turned on. This step is essential to ensure that the hardwiring connection is properly installed and the dash cam is receiving power only when the car is on.

Step 6 –  Route The Wire Behind The Panel Using The Jeep Toolkit To Remove The Torx Bolts

Using the Jeep toolkit, remove the Torx bolts held in place by the panel to route the wire behind it. Torx bolts are a type of screw that has a six-pointed star-shaped pattern on the head, which requires a specific tool to loosen and tighten them. 

By removing these bolts, it becomes possible to access the space behind the panel and route the wire in a clean and concealed manner. This process requires some technical knowledge of the Jeep toolkit and the use of Torx bolts.

Step 7 – Take Off The Grab Handle To Run The Wire Behind The Trim Piece And Tweeter

Taking off the grab handle involves removing the top and bottom bolts with a 10mm socket, which allows access to run the wire behind the trim piece and tweeter. It is necessary to do this step to ensure the wire is properly hidden and does not interfere with any other components or moving parts of the vehicle. 

Trim pieces are decorative pieces that go along the side of the vehicle’s interior, covering the tweeter, which reproduces high frequencies. Properly running the wire behind these components make sure a clean and inconspicuous installation.

Step 8 – Tuck In The Wire Behind The Panel And Replace All Trim Pieces

Dash cam wiring is concealed by routing it behind the vehicle’s interior panels and securing it with zip ties by tucking it behind the panels and replacing all trim pieces.

As a result, the installation looks neat, and the wires are prevented from becoming loose or damaged during the installation process. 

Once the wiring is secured, the trim pieces are reattached to cover the panels, creating a clean and professional look. It also prevents interference with other components of the vehicle and obstructs the driver’s view.

Step 9 – Zip-Tie And Secure Any Excess Wire To Keep The Installation Neat And Clean

Zip ties, also known as cable ties or wire ties, are used to bundle and secure wires or cables together. They are made of a durable nylon material that can withstand various environmental conditions and are easy to install by sliding the tie through the locking head and pulling it tight. 

In the context of the installation of a dashcam, zip-ties are used to organize and secure any excess wire to keep the installation neat and clean, reducing the risk of wires getting tangled or becoming a safety hazard.

Over To You!

As a Jeep Gladiator owner, ensuring the safety of your vehicle is of utmost importance. Installing a dash cam can not only provide you with evidence in case of an accident, but it can also deter potential thieves from targeting your vehicle.

However, choosing the right dash cam for the jeep gladiator can be overwhelming given the wide range of options available in the market.

After thorough research, we highly recommend the THINKWARE U1000 as the best option for Jeep Gladiator owners.

You can capture clear and detailed footage in any lighting condition with the 4K UHD front-facing camera and 2K QHD rear-facing camera. It also has advanced safety features such as collision detection and a lane departure warning system, providing you with peace of mind while on the road.

For those looking for a budget-friendly option, we suggest the Nextbase 322GW. This may be affordable, but it does not compromise on quality.

It has a 1080p HD resolution and a 140-degree viewing angle, which is sufficient for most driving scenarios. Furthermore, it offers features such as emergency SOS and Alexa integration, making it an excellent value.

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