What is the Parking Monitor on the Dash Cam?

Dash cams are often used to protect ourselves from bad drivers, they are one of the most important accessories that drivers need.

They help protect a driver against claims of liability, but did you know that they also have a handy feature called the parking monitor?

A parking monitor in a dash cam is a device that will be used to record vehicles moving around in front of the vehicle that may not have been visible to the camera.

It captures and records any events on its screen when it senses motion in its vicinity while the car is parked.

This can be useful if you want to capture footage of something happening while your car is parked, or if you’re worried about someone vandalizing or stealing your car while it’s parked.

In this blog article, we will break down what the parking monitor is and everything it can do.

What Is The Parking Monitor On The Dash Cam? (Details)

What Is The Parking Monitor On The Dash Cam? (Details)
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Most people are familiar with the term “parking mode” in their dash cam. But what is parking mode?

In short, parking mode is a function of your dash cam that allows it to stay on and record even when your car is parked and turned off.

This can be useful in some situations, such as if you’re worried about your car being broken into while it’s parked, or if you want to be able to review footage of an incident that occurred in your parking lot.

Few Things To Remember

There are a few things to remember when using parking mode, though.

1st thing

You’ll need to ensure that your dash cam is properly powered by connecting it to your car’s battery if it has this feature or by using an external power source.

2nd thing

You’ll want to be aware of any motion detection or other settings that might cause your dash cam to start recording unexpectedly; you don’t want to drain your battery or fill up your memory card with useless footage.


Finally, remember that not all dash cams have parking mode; if this is a feature you’re interested in, check for it before making your purchase.

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Parking Monitor On A Dash Cam

Parking Monitor On A Dash Cam
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If you own a car, you know the importance of parking in a safe and secure spot. However, finding that perfect spot can sometimes be difficult, especially in crowded areas.

This is where having a parking monitor on your dash cam can come in handy.

With this feature enabled, you’ll always know exactly where your car is parked and whether or not it’s safe.

Additionally, if your car gets hit while parked, you’ll have footage of the incident that can be used for insurance purposes.

  • It’s happened to all of us before.
  • You return to your car after a long day only to find a big scratch down the side or a dent in the door.
  • If you’re lucky, there might even be a note from the person who hit your car apologizing and giving their contact information.
  • Usually, we’re not that lucky.
  • More often than not, we have no idea who hit our cars or what they looked like.
  • That’s where having a parking monitor on your dashcam can be incredibly useful.

Parking mode will automatically record whenever your dash cam detects motion or vibration.

That means that when someone hits your car and drives away, you’ll have a recording of them and what they look like.

The same goes if someone walks by and scratches your car or breaks into your car and steals something.

Either way, having a video recording of the incident will make finding the perpetrator much easier than if you didn’t have a parking mode recording.

How Do Dash Cameras Acquire Their Power?

How Do Dash Cameras Acquire Their Power?
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Dash cameras are made to record continuously while your car is running. While several cameras include manual power on/off switches, most cameras power up and start functioning as soon as they are hooked into a 12V source of power or connected to the car’s fuse box.

Most dash cameras come with a power connection that fits into your car’s “cigarette lighter” power port.

Here’s An Illustration:

The electrical system of your car supplies “switched” electricity to this socket. As a result, the dash cam will start recording when the car engine starts and stop recording when the engine is switched off.

Dash Cam’s Parking Monitor And Deterring Theft or Vandalism

Dash Cam's Parking Monitor And Deterring Theft or Vandalism
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Many people use dashcams in their vehicles for different reasons. Some people use them to document their commutes or road trips, while others use them as a safety precaution.

But did you know that dashcams can help deter theft or vandalism?

If you have a parking monitor on your dash cam, it can act as a visual deterrent for would-be thieves or vandals.

If they see that your car is equipped with a camera, they may think twice before trying to break into it or vandalize it.

  • Having a parking mode recording in your vehicle can be a real lifesaver.
  • If someone breaks into your car and takes something, you can easily prove that they are responsible for the crime.
  • It’s also useful to have a parking mode recording while driving.
  • If someone hits your car, you’ll be able to get an image of them and what they look like.
  • Having a dash cam monitoring system on your car can be extremely helpful if you are a victim of a crime.

It gives you peace of mind knowing that if anything happens, you’ll be able to obtain proof of the incident. You won’t have to worry about getting a police report because your dash cam can capture everything.

How Long Does Parking Mode Last On The Dash Cam?

Based on the automobile battery and voltage-cutoff setting, the dash cam will usually hardwire record in the parked mode for about 8 hours.

The dash cam will shut off to protect your car’s battery once the cutoff threshold is reached.

How Long Does Parking Mode Last On The Dash Cam?
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When parking mode is activated typically this can be done by pressing a button a few seconds after you turn off your car, the dash cam can be set to record for a specific amount of time, or it can remain on until you open your door or push another button on the dash cam.

Typically, the length of time that dash cams will remain recording when they are in parking mode will range between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.

Some dash cams will also have a motion detection feature that will record when it senses motion in front of the camera.

Although this is a great feature for avoiding having to manually activate the parking mode, it does bring up the question of how exactly it records so it doesn’t pick up random objects that move, such as branches moving in a tree.

One solution to this problem would be to use a post-filter to smooth out any such undesired movements, but that introduces its own set of challenges.

Parking Monitor On The Dash Cam And Battery Usage

Parking Monitor On The Dash Cam And Battery Usage
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The parking mode cable stops the Dash Cam from completely draining the battery to the point where the car won’t start.

However, the efficiency of this feature can be constrained by the battery’s capacity degrading due to the vehicle’s age and temperature.

One thing that you might find that is a bit of a surprise is the impact on battery life while using parking mode.

When you’re using parking mode, the dash cam is still recording video, which will result in increased battery usage.

The amount of energy used to continue recording video without any motion or audio input should be minimal, but if you regularly leave your dash cam in parking mode for long periods, it’s something to keep in mind.

With parking mode, the dash cam will be constantly recording, and this requires more power, which results in a reduction in the life of your car battery if the dash cam is left on for too long.

The typical amount of time you should leave a dash cam on with parking mode would be about 3 to 8 hours.

Anything more than this would probably result in the battery running out, so be aware of how much time your particular dash cam will require.

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Does Using Parking Mode Require A New Car Battery?

Not at all, no! Even if your car’s battery is several years old, devices like the Power Magic Pro are made to keep track of its state of charge.

The dash cam will be turned off if your battery voltage falls too low, so you never get back into your car to find a dead battery.

Does The Dash Cam Need To Be Plugged In All The Time For Parking Mode?

Does The Dash Cam Need To Be Plugged In All The Time For Parking Mode?
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No, your dash cam does not have to be connected to your car’s battery at all times.

If it is not in a cradle, and the battery is dead, you can connect the dash cam to your car’s cigarette lighter port and it will still power the camera.

One thing that you need to be aware of is that some cameras will shut off after a period of inactivity, and this includes not being used while the car is turned off.

While the camera will start up again, it will not be in the same state that it was when you turned off your car.

The only thing that will record is the last file you saved, and there is a chance that it may have related footage from when it was turned off. 

You also need to be aware that all of your settings will be lost and there is a chance that you might have to go through and change them all again when you reboot the camera.

Are Battery Packs For Dash Cams In Parking Mode Worth It?

Are Battery Packs For Dash Cams In Parking Mode Worth It?
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Yes, it is. The dash cam battery pack can still supply sufficient power for parking mode recording, even if you don’t drive frequently or for a long enough period to achieve a full charge.

One of the most crucial capabilities of the dashboard camera is parking mode.

However, it also needs more focus than simply touching a few app configuration options. Your dash camera must have continuous power for the parking mode to function effectively.

Normally, you must hardwire the dash camera into your electrical system.

Unfortunately, This Approach Has Drawbacks.

  • When kept charged, car batteries perform better for longer periods.
  • However, the repeated charging and discharging of your dash cam’s battery can cause the cells to age prematurely.
  • Battery sulfation is the term used to describe this.
  • Of course, the car battery’s kind, age, and capacity affect how much harm is done.
  • Power is already constrained because most modern cars need large batteries.

Additionally, since most urban inhabitants drive for less than an hour each day on average, cars are being kept in parking spaces for longer.

Their car batteries’ life and performance need to be revised.


The Parking Monitor on the dash cam allows you to view the location and type of vehicle on your camera from your smartphone too.

If the car has been parked in a high-risk area for long periods of time i.e. abandoned lots you can activate the Parking Mode to notify you when you return to the vehicle.

You can also activate Parking mode manually with a smartphone app.

Dash cams are designed to deter theft or vandalism. Some dash cams include a deterrent feature called Parking Mode which will activate when the car is parked in a high-risk area for long periods.

Dash cams often have an adjustable timer setting. Check the instructions for your dash cam to learn more.

What do you think of Dashcams? Are they useful or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

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